Tabbing, Labeling,Stamping & Sealing Machines

Automate your mailing operations with time-saving labeling, tabbing, and stamping technology. FP™’s complete selection of tabbers, labelers, and stampers are easy to use and efficient. Every model boasts three critical “must-haves”: high processing speed, versatility to accommodate a range of materials, and durability for long-life operation.

  • Tabbing machines (mail sealing systems) can save postage costs by allowing you to take advantage of Shape-Based Pricing postal discounts.

  • Labeling machines automate the process of affixing addresses, postage indicia, and messaging on a variety of media.

  • Stamping machines affix standard or permit stamps, resulting in higher open rates.

Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber

The Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber makes quick work of applying tabs to folded mailpieces, and is designed to meet all USPS requirements for mailing and automation discounts. Using “crash tab” technology, the open edge of a mailpiece contacts an adhesive tab and travels through a set of rollers where the tab is tightly folded and sealed, creating a mail-ready piece.

  • Up to 12,000 pieces/hr

  • Feeder holds up to 200 tri-folds

  • Uses a variety of tab stocks

  • Integrated bottom feed

  • 5-digit LCD counter

  • Tab density adjustment

FD 282 Double-Head Edge Tabber

The FD 282 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System features revolutionary advances in tabber design. It can apply tabs on opposite sides of the mailpiece at the same time, or on top and side simultaneously, maximizing productivity and eliminating the need to feed pieces multiple times. The key is the FD 282’s combination of tabbing heads: the fixed head applies tabs along an open edge, while thewhile the repositionable head can switch from side tabbing to front (leading-edge) tabbing. The flexible head can also affix flat tabs, small labels or up to 3 USPS roll stamps in one pass.

  • Tabs up to 25,000 pieces/hr

  • In-line design

  • Uses a variety of tab stocks

  • Digital counter with LCD display

  • Applies tabs on opposite sites, simultaneously

 The Ulti-Sealer,  is a seal only machine that  moistens and seals up to 150 letters per minute.